<<< THE END OF CFN >>>

In mid-1999, CWRU decided to discontinue the Cleveland Free-Net entirely.
This notice was posted to announce the impending shutdown.


The Cleveland Free-Net, a remarkable achievement for its time, has been
made obsolete by new technologies. Chat and News services for community
users will end on September 1, 1999. The Free-Net will be discontinued on
September 30, 1999.

CWRU faculty, staff, and students should immediately investigate the services
provided by CWRUnet; information is available at Information Services Help
Desk (KSL 105A), via e-mail to help@po.cwru.edu, and on the World Wide Web
at www.cwru.edu/net/nutshell/miscl/free-cwru.html.

CWRU alumni should visit the Alumni Affairs World Wide Web site for
information about the CWRUser program at www.cwru.edu/development/alum2/.
That site gives an overview of the program, which is not an ISP but a way
to enhance alumni access to CWRU.

Community users of Free-Net should explore alternate ways of receiving e-mail
and using Internet resources. Public libraries, various continuing education
programs, city recreation boards, and community users' groups are excellent
sources of information.


After September 30, 1999, users who attempted to log in were greeted with
this message:

"The Cleveland Freenet has discontinued operation. The project has
concluded. Thank you for your participation."

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