by Wintrmute

What is b63062?

b63062 or b63062.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu, as it is officially known, is the official
site of a paramilitary organization bent on the destruction of the world
through the Internet. Disguised as a average 486/33 running Linux, the machine
is in reality a Cray supercomputer with a power greater than any known computer
in existence. Bootups are often accompanied by a brownout in the surrounding
areas. In addition, anti-aircraft missle banks and nuclear missile silos are
rumoured to be hidden around the campus in preparation for the Internet

Who has accounts on this machine, and why?

The users on this machine all have a wide background in the espionage and
terrorist fields. Many also have experience in computer programming. Using this
combination, we will taking over the world in short order, starting with the
Cleveland Freenet.

The leader of this band of revolutionaries is Ryan "killall -9 tcsh" K.
Deported from France in the early seventies for trafficking arms to school
children that felt their grades were unfair, R.K. has set up shop in the United
States, working on his master plan of electronic warfare. Rumour has is that
R.K. is responsible for any crash that happens anywhere.

Can I have an account?

No. Unless you have a very large machine gun, knowledge of explosives, and
enjoy killing people with extreme amounts of electricity. You also have to pass
a 500 page written test, and oral exam, and kill a member of INS using only
a jumper from Cabletron e21xx card. As you can see, it is not an easy thing
to do.

Why was b63062 banned from IRC?

Because a certain person's fear of the ominous power of b63062 overcame him,
and caused him to defect to the dark side. It is an unfortunate thing, but
preparations have been made for a small tactical nuke to be placed in his
refrigerator. We apologize for any fallout that may cause your friends and/or
neighbors and inconvience.

Is this true?

Yes. Scary huh? If it wasn't for the courageous members of the almighty
guardians of the world, we may have taken over the entire Freenet and the
entire Internet and made everyone eat scads of nasty food.

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