written for Jellybean
by Shadowfax

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jennifer. She was rumored to have been
six months old before she even came into existence, and for this reason, all
the people of the land were jealous of her because she was therefore a magical
person. The King (who was single!) took notice of her one day, and was inspired
by this magical creature, which lived in his kingdom, so he gave unto her the
most special gift a king in that land might give, which was a jellybean. Not
just any jellybean. A wishing jellybean! She could rub the jellybean, and
a little bean-genie would come out, and grant her one wish, provided she ate
the jellybean afterward and set him free. For so long as the jellybean existed
he was forever its prisoner, and it gets awfully cramped up in a jellybean for
someone as big as a genie (especially a bean-genie, who were rather large, as
genies go), so she kept the genie-bean in her pillow until she could think of
a wish special enough to use it for. But she was yet a young girl, and prone to
distraction, and soon forgot the jellybean in favor of a young man named
Michael, who caught her eye one day. The poor little bean-genie grew anxious as
he realized he might well spend years more locked in his jellybean prison
whilst this girl went about her dalliances with Michael, and he grew sad, but
it was only a handful of years, the genie was relieved to see (for what is such
a short time to a bean-genie?) before she came to her pillow one day and
reached in to grasp his little world and rub upon its sides and as he came
forth, she asked of him to make her into the most beautiful woman in all the
world, so that Michael would wish to marry her. The genie chuckled inwardly,
and in a minute, I'm sure you'll see why. For he waved forth his great arm and
a ray of light fell upon her and a moment later, the genie tossed the jellybean
in her mouth, and she dutifully chewed it up, and swallowed it, setting the
genie free. Almost as an afterthought she walked to a mirror, only to see the
same face she had seen every day for years on end. She angrily turned to the
genie and demaded to know what the meaning of this was, when he chuckled
*outwardly* this time he said unto her:

"Silly girl, you asked of me to make you into that which you already are! You
are a magic creature, and really, there wasn't much I could improve on."

She blushed, and the genie went on a vacation in Tahiti. The moral of the story
is: only wish for things you don't already have. Genies are tricky.

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