by Taishan

Existence is as a Rubber Ball.

It can be bouncy bouncy fun fun fun, but when you chase it under the furniture
without thinking, you get dustbunnies stuck to your sweater. Eventually, this
existence is covered with ashes and cola stains, and is relegated to the

Basic Tenets of the Rubber Ball Paradigm

  1. Never do Easily what can be done With Difficulty, if for nothing else than
    to make things More Interesting.

  2. If its not Fun, then it is Work.

  3. The Power to Bounce lies within: seeking it without is Too Much Work, and
    that's No Fun.

  4. Apart from the Rubber Ball, Material Objects are Not Sacred.

  5. Clean beneath the Bed and the Couch once in awhile, because you never know
    when you might Bounce Under There.

  6. Recognize Living as Majesty, rather than Burden.

  7. Recognize Death as Passage, rather than Ending.

  8. Recognize Too Much Bouncing as An Annoyance.

  9. The Pinnacle is a collection of foods, friends, warmth and music,
    experienced simultaneously. Bounce there Often.

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